Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kaszazz Card Making

After all the dramas of the past few weeks, and with all the packing and sorting, we decided to take some 'time out' to do some cardmaking.  As many of my friends know, I am a Kaszazz Consultant, so out came all my Kaszazz products, and we set to work.

The girls were most receptive to the instructions, and soon we had some wonderful cards in the making:

For some, perfection was certainly an issue:

Others took the idea and got a little extra creative:

And in the end, we had a stack of beautiful butterfly cards:

Well done, girls!  Next workshop - using the EzyPress Die Cut machine - now that WILL be fun!



Deanne Langford said...

Putting you down for a card making workshop next year I think!!!

Marina said...

"as many of my friends know ..." um, really feeling out of the loop here ... since when have you been a Kaszazz Consultant??? And you didn't think to send me a cattledog so I could support you either! Honey child, once you find where you've packed them all away I'd love to buy one from you so that I can get some more gorgeous Kaszazz stuff!!!

Linda said...

Oops. Since about May! I haven't done any workshops as yet - just working through the consultant training, but it sure is marvellous stuff! All the catalogues are in NSW, I think, but I shall let you know once I've found them! :)

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Hi Deanne - would love to! Really hoping to do lots of workshops up in Grafton - well, that be the plan!