Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gotta Love School Days Sometimes!

Sometimes, life does tend to 'take over'. Due to my Dad being in hospital, keeping family up to date, organising appointments, etc., school work took a back seat today.

Fortunately, my children are quite independent - and completed their morning school work without too much fuss - Maths, Spelling, English and such. I then appeared on the scene to read a story and dictate some spelling words. After that, we used 'Child-size Masterpieces' to look at some famous paintings, and had some fun with 'Music for Little Mozarts - Discovery CD'.

Then, I left them to their own devices. As it was the last day of the month, and therefore the last day of our Internet useage (which begins again on the 1st of each month), I allowed them some Internet time. They used it wisely, and of course, for educational purposes - busily 'translating' songs and poems into Japanese, and then back again - making for an afternoon of riotous laughter, with hillarious results. If you've never tried it, please do - I cannot begin to tell you how entertaining it is!

As far as my Dad goes, he has had an operation on his leg this afternoon. It was the top of his thigh bone, which has been pinned. This will mean a hospital stay for several days, and therefore, he will be unable to have his eyes operated on at this time. It is devastating, but, that's the way of it at times. I will telephone his doctor in the morning, to see what can been done about a re-booking.

And, that's our day. Time to send these crazy kids off to bed!


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