Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adelaide - and Home Again

Today, it was my Dad's 90th birthday!

As he is still in an Adelaide hospital, we took a drive (3 hours each way) to visit him, and to speak with his doctor.

The doctor said that it was the very top of the leg bone - basically, his hip, that broke. When she operated, she noticed that his bones were like 'cheese'. Very soft, in other words; not good. She put in a long 'nail', with several pins holding this to the bone. Unfortunately, he did lose quite a bit of blood during the operation, so he needed a blood transfusion - which has now finished, and he was feeling a bit brighter today.

However, he was obviously still very down, and in fact, it was only after we had spoken to him for a little while that he said, 'oh, so I am going to get better, then? I am going home?' We assured him, yes, that he would be home again very soon.

He thought he was going to die. :-(

It's amazing how much good it can do simply to visit someone. All my Dad needed to perk him up was just to hear my Mum's voice - to hold her hand, and say hello. Of course, he was pleased to know we were there as well, and said hello to each of the children, as well as us, and had a nice chat. But Mum is his rock. To know she was there, especially on his birthday, meant the world the him, and I'm so very glad we took the time to visit.

I was a bit sad that we did not have a present for him, but as he is blind and almost deaf, presents are a little difficult. However, as we walked into the hospital, I noticed a gift store, and on the spur of the moment, ducked in an bought a cute, cuddly teddy bear. We gave it to him, and he was thrilled. When we left, I looked back to see him clutching on to the bear - almost like it was a symbol that he was loved, and that all would be OK.

After leaving the hospital, it was time to head on out to Port Adelaide - Daniel has once again been rostered on the 'One and All' Sailing Ship, so we stopped for dinner at KFC, and then dropped him off - this time, he is off for two weeks. I cannot tell you how much Daniel is loving the work onboard the ship. It's become like his second home. Here he is just after he boarded tonight.

And speaking of the One & All, my next two girls are to head off on their first training voyage the week after next - which means, I will have a total of THREE children at home for those few days. At the beginning of the year, I had eight at home - it seems they are all growing up..... FAST!

Here's a picture I took of the ship tonight - it looked fabulous with the lights - I've only ever seen it in daylight before. It really took on the look of a 'pirate shp' in the dark!

And that was our day. We arrived home around 10pm, so we are all tired, but are looking forward to tomorrow, as my youngest turns nine years old. Better get cooking, I guess - no doubt she'll be wanting chocolate cake!


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