Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

St. George & the Dragon

Announcing our coolest model yet! Today, we finished 'St. George & the Dragon' - an easy-to-assemble, moving model by Keith Newstead.

Although it is made from only cardboard and glue, it is amazingly strong - much more sturdy than other models we've tried, and, it works! By turning the lever, St George's horse rears up, and our hero thrusts down his sword towards the, er, 'dragon', who snaps his jaws at the oncoming attackers.

I'm not sure how 'authentic' that little dragon is, but hey, he's cute, and we're having a heap of fun playing around with this one!



Chareen said...

Wow Linda that is AMAZING :-) Do you sell these ? and what other ones are available in the series.

Nathaniel really likes this too!

Linda said...

Hi Chareen! No, we don't sell them - I actually picked it up of the Aussie Homeschool board. I did a search, and it seems it's no longer available anywhere - typical, just when you find a fantastic item!

But, I did see that the author, Keith Newstead, has an 'executioner' model available (check Amazon) - when some poor guy has his head chopped off. I don't think I'll purchase it, but I'm sure little boys would love it!

Take care,


Marina said...

Pretty cool model! And I love that you put up a mini video clip of it too - will have to show the boys tomorrow.