Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bread Making

Today, I decided to once again, have a go at using the bread-making machine that I had been given a few weeks ago.

After several previous attempts, I wasn't sure how well it worked - the loaves had turned out quite heavy, and not so well risen as my old bread-maker. So, to ensure I was using everything correctly, I opened up a new bag of bread flour, and opened up a fresh packet of yeast.

4 hours later.....

Ta Daaa!!! The most wonderful, fluffy loaf I've ever acheived in a bread maker!

Usually, I bake using whole wheat flour with seeds, etc., but this was plain, white, bread flour. And, I'm guesssing the yeast I was using was too old; but now, we finally have sucess!

So much for a 'broken' bread machine!


1 comment:

Marina said...

Looks delicious! Yes, we had the same problem for a while until we tried a new batch of yeast.

The boys haven't had bread for about 2 months because we haven't been able to get spelt flour - school lunches have been corn cruskits ad nauseum!