Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Adnil Press has been Hacked - Again....

Please be aware that Adnil Press has been hacked - again, and by the same person. There is a rather rude message on what would normally be the front page to our site, and our entire site is gone.

I'm at a loss, and have no idea how to fix it. I have received a rude email as well, from the person, telling me that because I put in a complaint to Paypal about the recent theft of Paypal funds that he took from us, he has done this deliberately, because I have now 'made him angry'.

Aren't you all glad that we never did go the credit card route, so we have no credit card details on the database?

Having said that, however, as the entire site is built online, if his claims are correct, all the data has been deleted, and even if we can get back into the site, there may not be much of one left.

We do have a copy of all orders that have been recently placed, so we can still send those out, however, if you need payment details, you'll need to email us at: adnilpress@ozemail.com.au - our email address is completely different to our website, so this has not been compromised.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to fix the problem or how to get our site back, please email me - otherwise, for now, Adnil Press is simply 'down and out'.



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