Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain, Sunshine, and Hail!

It's been a very interesting day (weather-wise)!

The day began with gloomy skies and rain, but this gave way to bright, sunny skies, and we therefore thought the wet conditions were over. Not so.

About 4pm, we were suddenly 'greeted' with some loud noises on the roof, and discovered we were in the midst of a hail storm! On looking out the windows, the entire yard seemed to be covered with a blanket of hail, and while one could not describe the hail stones as 'huge', they were of quite a size. And yes, my bus was out in thick of it. I'm hoping it has not sustained too much damage, but I've not ventured out to see as yet, as it is now pouring with rain.

Of course, the rain washed away all the hail stones quite rapidly, but we managed to grab a couple of shots before they disappeared.

I'm hoping the weather will clear overnight, as we have a concert band perfomance tomorrow, and I'd much rather play in the sunshine than the rain!



Legolas said...

Hi Mrs M

Sounds like loads of fun :)

Here is something to confirm your suspicion that my family is crazy -when it hails here, we wait til it's over then run outside bare footed, to peg hail stones at each other.....yep crazy :)


Linda said...

Oh dear! How you lot don't end up in hospital every 2nd week, I'll never know! LOL!