Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2012 – Planning Time!

In 2012, I will have student in the following grades: 12, 11, 9, 7, 5 and 4.

Time for planning!

Our ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ thus far:


Everything IEW! We will have completed ‘Speech Boot Camp’ shortly – it’s been a blast. We’ll be continuing with: Student Writing Intensive as well as a couple of the ‘History Based Writing Lessons’ series next year.

Poetry for Memorization

Latina Christiana

Life of Fred maths for some, Teaching Textbooks for others, and Signpost Maths for the youngest ones.

Calculadder Math Drills

Science in the Creation Week

Apologia Science

Voyages in Literature

English for Australian Schools

Golden Children's Bible - we read a few pages, and the youngest three draw a picture and write about the reading. When we finish, they will have their own, illustrated book of Bible stories.

Didache Series – high school Religion.

Critical Thinking, Books 1 & 2

One Year Adventure Novel

Pure & Simple Computer Course

How Great Thou Art / Artistic Pursuits – These together form a good combination of drawing lessons and art appreciation.


Most things ‘phonics’ related. Why? Because my youngest will be in grade 4! Yep, we’re over the ‘K-3’ phase. Wow. (Don’t really want to think about that too much).

All About Spelling. Why? Because they’re ready to move on to The Phonetic Zoo. AAS has proven to be a solid, thorough, programme. We’ve used level 1 this year – which was admittedly below their level, but we got a good feel for the programme, and I was very impressed by it. However, we’re ready to move onto The Phonetic Zoo programme, and so we shall!

History Portfolios. Strange, isn’t it? What worked so beautifully for my older girls, is not working as well for my younger ones. Still working out exactly what we’ll do for history, but I plan to continue with Medieval History for Term 1, and then move onto Australian History (using The Wide Brown Land) for Terms 2-4.

ABCs of Christian Culture. Well, not out fully, or permanently, but the older ones are taking a ‘historical literature’ approach to history, followed by Australian History in terms 2-4.

The Magic Music Box for Music Appreciation (watch for blog post on this coming soon!)

New resource for 2012:

History Odyssey, Medieval. I’ve downloaded this programme, and I think it’ll work well for my very independent 14 year old. Very well laid out, and what’s more, we already have most of the resources needed – yippee!

Up until now, I've often grouped my three youngest together for things such as science, history and religion. That'll need to change soon - the gap is widening in their abilities. We'll see what happens about this next year.

Anyways……. Back to planning!



Chareen said...

Wow time flies :)

I love planning. Oh the possiblilities :)

The Handmaden said...

You are so well organised! I'm still trying to put together a vague list for new books and, as usual, I feel a bit lost. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, there are plenty of titles I don't know there and could look into.

Therese said...

I haven't started Christopher on any spelling programs yet. I really loved Phonetic Zoo for Tom and Amelia but Christopher is just too young for it. Maybe we will look into All About Spelling.

alecat said...

I haven't seriously put anything down for what we'll be doing next year.
You're so organised!! Well done. :)

I'm curious about the English for Australian Schools program you mentioned. Do you have a link?

Linda said...

English for Australian Schools is a set of 5 books, long out of print, by Ridout and McGregor. They are excellent! They are what we use for Grammar in the Highschool years, and work of on the 'self-correcting' principle. That is, there are no answer keys, but the questions are given in such a way that you don't really need one. Eg - 'Twelve sentences are listed below, Six are correct, six are incorrect. Write out the six correct sentences'. As I say, they're out of print, but I see the 1st book is currently available on ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ENGLISH-AUSTRALIAN-SCHOOLS-BOOK-1-ridout-mcgregor-SC-1961-/120817996209?pt=AU_Antiquarian_Collectable_Books&hash=item1c215051b1 . We used these for grades 7/8 and up. I've also found them at: www.abebooks.com , and in 2nd hand book shops.

Hope that helps!

alecat said...

Thank you Linda!

Catherine xx