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Pillars of Pine

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digital Camera Suggestions?

So, my dear hubby announced to me yesterday he'd like to buy me a new digital camera! :dancesmiley:

I currently have a Canon Powershot A590 - it's served me well, but it does take some, well, not-so-good shots at times, and that can be frustrating.

So, it seems I'm in the market to upgrade.

I don't want a hugely expensive model - but something that will take good shots of children, shots in the daytime as well as at night, and nice landscape shots, for when we travel.

I like to photograph old buildings, and often I need to 'snap' these as we drive by - so it needs to be able to focus and take the shot quickly.

Preferrably have a decent MP size, as well as good optical zoom.

Anyone have any experience or knowledge in this area? I've looked at a few - Canon, Finepix, Nikon - and my head is spinning with confusion!

Problem being I don't really know what to look for. :please-help:




Chareen said...

Hi Linda

We have used the Finepix and Nikon Coolpix and the Fuji Finepix was by far the best buy. In fact we gave away the Nikon and bought another Finepix.

Paul has a 24 optical zoom and it's 14 megapixals.

It's a great camera and has good portability.

Chareen said...

PS got one on eBay new for $200 !!

Chareen said...