Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago today, I found myself in the labour ward - the birth took quite a while, and it seemed our new baby couldn't make up her mind as to when she'd make her grand entrance into the world.

The doctor was called several times - and it so happened that this particular day was the day he had all his family over for their Christmas BBQ!  I think he missed most of it......

But in the end, our beautiful daughter arrived, and we were delighted with our newest 'little ray of sunshine'.

Helena and I have certainly had our share of ups and downs - born with 'autistic tendancies', life could be tough, and we had to work through many challenges.  But, you'd never know it these days!  She's loving, outgoing, a wonderful student, and an excellent musician.  She is, quite simply, a pure delight to have around, and both her parents are extremely proud of her.

Happy Birthday, Helena!

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Chareen said...

Happy Birthday Helena :) May your year ahead be filled with His abundant blessings !