Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 - This Year

This Year:

I will not worry so about horrible diets and exhausting exercise routines, but rather:

I will learn learn nurture and to respect myself.

This Year:

I will no longer ask God for things I want, but rather:

I will ask God what I can do for Him.

This Year:

I will not be harsh on myself for all I can not do, but rather:

rejoice in the things I am able to do.

This Year:

I will not stress over what curriculum to use, or what resources to choose, but rather:

I will trust that God has given me enough knowledge and experience to pull us through;  we have all we need. 

This Year:

I will no longer spend my time grieving for those who shun me and turn their back to me, but rather:

I will be content with those whom I can spend time with;  both online and in person.

This Year:

I will no longer be drawn into all the arguments against my faith - the constant negative drain that screams of hatred, misinformation and prejudice, but rather:

I shall continue in my studies of our Lord, and in doing so, strengthen my faith and trust in Him.

This Year:

I will work to let go of all the things I cannot change, and rather:

put my trust in Him to lead the way.

May God bless your year.



The Handmaden said...

Sounds great Linda, I think I'll try to do all those things too :)

Therese said...

great resolutions. I think I need to take some of them on too.

Marina said...

So sensible - should set you an a peaceful path for the year.