Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Saturday, January 21, 2012

'The Plan: 2012' - Part 1

As promised, I shall be posting our curriculum plans for the up and coming school year.

I"ll start at the top, with the plans for our son, who is 17, and this will be his final year - year 12!   The plan below is just that;  a 'plan'.  I've no doubt that things will change (they always do!), and there's bound to be some things we don't get to at all.  But having said that, this is what the plans are at this stage:

Maths:          Life of Fred – Geometry

Writing:         One Year Adventure Novel (Terms 1 & 2)
                    (Australian History-Based Writing Lessons in T3 & 4)

English:          English for Australian Schools, Book 4

Religion:       Understanding the Scriptures
                    Catholic Morality

Science:        Apologia Chemistry

Logic:           Critical Thinking Book 1 and 2

Computer:     Movie Making  (completely a 'natural learning / hands on' approach)

Literature:          Reading List:
q       At the Back of the North Wind
q       The Chyrsalids
q       The Yearling
q       Men of Iron
q       The Hobbit
q       Wind in the Willows
q       The Walking Drum
q       A Tale of Two Cities
q       I Can Jump Puddles
q       The Great Divorce
q       DVD  - Seven Pounds

History:          Medieval Reading List:
q       Christopher Columbus
q       He Went With Marco Polo
q       Lay Seige to Heaven
q       Novel of Choice
q       Magellan’s Voyage
q       Kateri Tekawitha
q       Indian Boyhood
q       He Went with Captain Cook
q       Benjamin Franklin
q       Mother Theresa DVD
q       1812 Overture

History:  Terms 3 & 4:   Australian History – Based Writing Lessons

Australian History in Movies:  two episodes or movies per week.

Music:  Harmonica
            Concert Band – Percussion
            Choir – Singing

Health and PE:       Badminton, Volleyball, Swimming & Archery


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