Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And.. Done!

The excitement builds.....

One thing is for sure, it is going to be absolutely lovely to go back into my very clean room!  It has been a wonderful opportunity to scrub, clean and dust.  Currently, my room looks like this:


 While our Living Room (and several other places around the house!) looks more like this:

We actually discovered that our room had some fairly decent lino beneath that terrible carpet, but new carpet will be much nicer.

I will also be adding to my room my new cupboard which we picked up on Wednesday - I've been searching the 2nd-hand shops for around eight years for such a cupboard - excellent timing - just when we're moving things about anyway! 

Well, time for some sleep, and back to it tomorrow - and then tomorrow night, we begin the process of putting (some) of it back.  


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