Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Friday, June 8, 2012

School --- Really?

Sometimes, school can be...  well, relaxed.

I occasionally read on other people's blogs how they are so disciplined, so organised, and so 'with it'.

I'm just not.

I mean - I 'plan' very well, and have very good intentions, but I'm just too much of a softie, I guess.

Don't get me wrong - I am raising a bunch of very independent learners.  Most of the morning school is taken care of with set workbooks, texts, etc.  This includes English, Maths, Spelling, Writing, Music Practice and Art.  Afterwards, with the basics covered, we usually get together for Religion, Science, History, and so forth.

But not always.

Take today - lunchtime came around so fast, and I then I thought that maybe I should torture them a little with some extra school work.  My son is currently away in NSW, and it's been quite different without him, having only girls around:  it's simply amazing how much the atmosphere can change when one is away.  So anyway, we settled back for another couple of chapters from 'John of the Sirius'.  We're really enjoying this book - we've read it before of course, but it's the first time through for my three youngest.

Since it was a lovely, sunny afternoon, I decided we'd then head outside for a science experiment.  This is one of my favourites - where one person takes a broom, and gives the shed a good 'whack'.                                    


The rest of the gang positions themselves at the other end of the yard, and takes note of when they 'see' the broom hit the shed, and when they 'hear' the broom hit.  In this way, they can see the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound.   Just my type of experiment - simple, effective, and easy to clean up afterwards!  


Now, I really had intended to head back indoors and tackle that history lesson, but it was so lovely outside, that I just couldn't do it.  After all - I did have my camera in hand, and it was so lovely out there - so, we decided it was time for some photography.

Here's our 'current' car collection:


Of course, that doesn't included the FOURTEEN cars that are in the sheds or out the side, nor the TWO old vans / busses, or even the TWO caravans.  One could think I married a mechanic (yes, I did!).

Then, it was off to our 'family tree' as we call it, for the girls to climb:


And, there was a bit of weight-lifting as well:


Lizzie then spied our pile of 'witches hats', and asked what they were for.  I explained that we set them up for learner drivers to practice their parking skills.  And then it occurred to me that maybe 'I' should practice those skills - I can drive OK, but parking has always been an issue (partly because of my eyes and problems with depth perception) - but well, why not?

So, we set it all up, I grabbed our little car, and very successfully demonstrated why I am NOT the one to give driving and parking lessons.  Yep, I really do need practice!


Naturally, at this point, dear hubby arrived, and just HAD to take the opportunity to show off (but, at least the girls did get to see how to park correctly)!  Of course, I gave him heaps for showing off, but, we made up eventually:


While all of the parking and such was happening, the girls were watching on - except one:


This is the time when the homeschool mother in me wanted to scream - 'Yes- we've got one - a READER!' - but I successfully managed to control myself.  :)

Hubby then proceeded to change a tyre on one of the other cars, and the girls got to watch that, too - as well as build a 'tyre tower' from the collection of spare tyres.


Wait - what's so interesting?

Oh, I see....

Looks REALLY happy, doesn't he?

Finally, we headed back inside, put all the school books away (see?  they did do quite a bit this morning, even without me!)   and finished off our 'school day' with a game of 'Masterpiece - the Art Auction Game'.  I'm afraid to say they thrashed me, leaving me in last place.

Can't win 'em all, I guess.


And that was our day!



Sue Elvis said...


I loved reading about your homeschooling day. It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your children.

Are your youngest children all girls like mine? I also find the atmosphere different when my sons are away or just out for the day and there are only girls at home.

My son Callum would envy your car collection and all that space to work in. He is working on an old Commodore in his spare time. We don't live on a large property like you. We are fortunate to be surrounded by bush though.

God bless!

Linda said...

Hi Sue - yes, we have only the one boy - 2 girls, then the 1 boy (who is now 17), then 5 more girls.

Funny story about me having so many girls, actually - I think I'll make that my next blog post...

God bless,

Jeanne said...

Sounds like the perfect homeschooling day tome really. Parking lessons. Now there's an idea.

Linda said...

Oh, man - and I'm not kidding - I am shocking at parking! Thank goodness we live in a small town, with VERY wide roads.

Practice, must practice.......