Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warning: It’s a ‘Proud Parent’ Moment!

There's certainly been a buzz of excitement in our home tonight!

Last weekend, our daughter completed her first-ever music exam:  4th Grade Clarinet. 

She’s studied clarinet the past two years in Jamestown, and has become very proficient, producing beautiful tones and showing wonderful musicianship.

And, the examiners agree - the results arrived via email this evening – an A!

I hope you'll all forgive me, but I’m seriously feeling the need to put that grade into large, bold letters....

That grade again:

The criteria for receiving an A Grade is as follows:

“The candidate demonstrates an overall superior level of achievement in meeting the syllabus objectives in all Sections, in terms of musicianship, security of technique (including intonation, tone, phrasing, articulation, rhythm), and stylistic awareness.”

I have a feeling that her Grandfather, who was a music teacher and a very accomplished musician, is smiling down from heaven tonight. 

Congratulations, Helena – we are very proud of you!


Chareen said...

Well done on an excellent achievement :)

Sue Elvis said...


Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!

Our eldest daughter plays the clarinet too. We know all about the hard work needed to become proficient, and the nerves before an exam and those proud mum feelings after the results come out! Linda, a great achievement for your daughter.

"I’m seriously feeling the need to put that grade into large, bold letters...." So glad you did. I would have too!!

God bless.