Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012 Art Encouragement Award

Back in April, I mentioned in one of my posts that I had won the 'Art Encouragement Award' at our local Laura Folk Fair. 

However, it was a busy time, and I never got around to putting up any further information, or a picture of my 'prize-winning' composition.

It was a great honor to receive the award, especially given that only one award is given each year, and we have some fantastic artisits living in our area.  I had no expectations of winning, so it took me completely by surprise.

The award read: 

And here is my composition.  I used pastels on black card, and entitled the painting 'Velvet Roses'.

Velvet Roses

I am very grateful to have been chosen for this award, and it has most certainly encouraged me to continue with my art work - time of course, is always an issue - but it is certainly something I enjoy.



Sue Elvis said...


Congratulations! I bet you felt such a thrill when you received the award.

I like to play around with colour and shapes but I am no artist. I couldn't produce something as beautiful as your Velvet Roses. My art has been described as shower curtain doodles!

Are you working on something at the moment?

God bless.

Linda said...

Thanks, Sue - I've actually just completed a couple of drawings, and yesterday dropped off a heap of art work for the local show this weekend. I do have a biger project in mind, a beautiful mountain scence, but as always, 'time' is the issue! It'll get there, one day.... :)