Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Centenary

This past Sunday saw a huge celebration in our town;  the Centenary of our local Catholic Church.


The bishop attended, along with our current priest, a previous priest from our parish, and of course, our own Sister Moreen.  The church was packed, not just with Catholics, but with people all denominations and creeds.  Many people took part, including our own Daniel, who was called upon to read the prayers of the faithful. 

After Mass,  we headed out to the cemetery, where the Bishop blessed the graves of the faithful departed.  While there, I managed to find the grave of my late Step-Grandfather, who is the one, sole Catholic in my ancestry line as far as I am aware. It took a while to find the grave, as it was sort-of facing the opposite way to most of the tomb stones, but, find it we did.  The Bishop handed me the holy water, and together, we blessed his grave.  I then proceed to tell him the story of 'Robbie', who I never met, but had only heard the story of how one day he was drunk and swore at the visiting priest.  'Well, that'd be why we made him face the opposite way to everyone else, as his punishment', commented the bishop, and with a big grin, turned to move onto the next grave.

Later, it was time to head to the bowling club for lunch.  Now, it is a long-held tradition in the Maher family that the children, no matter how unruly at home, know how to present themselves in public, be well dressed, and behave in an orderly way.  I think we're definitely breaking with tradition there.  :)

There I was, giving a well-prepared talk to my three youngest girls on the importance of waiting before taking second helpings or taking too much one one's plate, when two of my darling teens arrived back at the table - plates ready and loaded with  - yep, seconds! 


Next, I turn to see my twelve-year-old looking like this:

And, it just got worse! 

Adorable, arent' they?   Yep, it's official - we are who we are, take us or leave us....   I've done my best! 

Still the bishop didn't seem to mind - in fact, both our local priest and the bishop eventually joined our little gathering for a laugh and a chat.

Still, sometimes we question why the people of our town think we're a little 'strange' - just can't figure it out.....


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