Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Party!

Every now and then, I decide it's time to have a party - not for a birthday, or anniversary, or anything else - but 'just because'.

With all of my children home for the holidays, I decided it was time to make the effort.  There were several people we hadn't seen in a while, and it was definitely time for a 'catch up'.

Sunday was the day - and we had a marvellous time! We started around 2pm, and chatted well into the evening.  Given that it is winter, a bonfire was on the 'activity list', so during the afternoon, we all headed outside to gather wood.  The wood pile steadily grew:

and grew:

 until we had a whopper of a pile, with more to spare.


The men, of course, were put to work on the BBQ, while the women headed back inside to slave away at making salads (pre-bought), and preparing the table  (OK, so in truth, the children set the table, while we er..  discussed very important, life-changing issues over a bottle of wine).


After dinner, it was time to light that bonfire:

The fire kind-of 'took off' at one point, and headed directly towards the pile of marshmallows, which unfortunately, were heated a little earlier than planned!  That's them on the seat in the photo below - right in the path of the fire.  Oops.  Most of the packets were still OK, though.



There was a ton of 'family love' and excellent conversations happening around the fire:



But as the night wore on, more and more people started to head back inside.

Band Hero, Air Hockey, and Pool were a hit with the teens, and the younger ones had a ball with our home-made pinata.




All in an, an excellent night, and one I feel needs to be repeat on a regular basis!


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