Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

There are times when I've felt very discouraged by reading other people's blogs - some people seem so with it, so organised, and their families seem so together.   And, everyone seems so 'in touch' and in agreement with each other.  I often feel like, although this is my ideal, it's a far cry from the reality of our family.

As I mulled over this 'supposed' problem recently, lamenting on how our children seem so different from one another and how we often see things so differently, my darling 15 year old daughter piped up with, 'But Mum, because we're all different, we can each focus on our own talents, and don't have to worry about competing with each other - it's a great way to be!'

Case closed - we're all different - and we're happy that way!



Catherine said...


I have to keep reminding myself that creating ideals can make me idle, so it's much more fun getting out and living the reality.

Have you read "Children on the Hill"? A friend lent me her copy earlier this year. The mother deliberately encouraged a different talent in each child so they wouldn't compete. She was a VERY patient mother, from what I have read .. nothing like my reality! But I took that example and enjoy encouraging my children's individual strengths. :)

Linda said...

Hi Catherine - no, I haven't heard of it - I'll look it up, thanks!