Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SA Music Camp 2012

This past week, Helena and Daniel attended the 50th annual 'South Australian Music Camp', held at St Peter's in Adelaide.

After five days of intense preparation, a concert was held on the Friday evening - and what a concert it was!  It was absolutely spectacular, and made even more special as we watched Helena perform in the Shephard Concert Band, and Daniel in the Alexander Orchestra.

This was Daniel's first Music Camp, and he attended as a percussionist.  I commented to his father that the best thing about having a percussionist in the family was that we could see, and hear, everything he did on the night.  Daniel was busting for the opportunity to play the crash cymbals, so once he had them, that was it, and I don't know that anyone else got the chance at all!   Of course, there were other instruments in use as well - such as the tambourine and various other items to hit, whack, or whatever else one does with them...

Helena moved up in the ranks this year, playing 2nd clarinet in the concert band, and did a fantastic job.  While Daniel was positioned at the very back of the orchestra, Helena sat right in front, and it was a delight to watch how this beautiful young lady has matured and to truly witness her talents as she confidently played each piece to perfection.

Needless to say, they both very much enjoyed the camp, as well as the opportunity to spend time with some friends, who also attended the camp, and took great care of my young musicians during their time in Adelaide.

But, as always, it is wonderful to have them home again.  The coming week will no doubt also be one of excitement and activity - as both my older girls are home as well - meaning I currently have ALL of my children home for a few days!

One thing is for certain - the noise level has certainly doubled - and it's not making it easy to write blog posts!  'Ultrastar' is in full swing - and I think it's MY turn!  :)

Time for family!


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