Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Monday, May 7, 2012

Camp Willochra – Day Four

On Day Four, I crawled out of bed and headed for the kitchen.  We were supposed to be going for a hike down into Alligator Gorge at 9am, and it was already after eight, so I knew we needed to get moving.  Wandering into the kitchen / dining room, I was greeted with this scence:

One Empty Dining Room

Yep – I wasn’t the only one who had slept in!  9 O’clock came and went, and no-one cared.  We were all quite happy to take our time and get going at a leisurely pace.  Having said that, however, it was time to rouse the teens, and Jess took delight in telling them all to get a move on.  After another hour or so, we were all ready, so we loaded the vehicles and headed off towards Wilmington.

The Terraces
Alligator Gorge is a beautiful spot.  After a winding road to reach the top, we parked our vehicle and then descended the 250 stone steps to reach the walking track.  One of my favourite places in the Gorge is ‘The Terraces’ – part of the creek bed that has been worn away over time to look like a terrace.  Unfortunately, this time there was no water in the creek, but nevertheless, it was still very picturesque.  

The teens found a walking track, and came up and out of the Gorge a different way, and later we met them back at the top. During that time, they had also decided to have timed races down and back up the steps – with a couple of very fit youngsters completing the course in under 3 minutes!  Dear hubby and I had a lovely stroll through the gorge, and of course, I managed to stop and take a great number of photos along the way.

Some of the Stone Steps

The Race

Ascending the Stairs

After we returned to camp, we had lunch and then some campers played games, kicked the ball around, and took a walk along the Gibbon Line, which one of the mums had brought along.  There were some rather interesting acrobatic moves, but fortunately, no major injuries.  And then a few of us managed to escape to our ‘quiet room’ for some more craft activities.  It was a very relaxing afternoon that was over far too soon – before we knew it, it was 6pm and time to organise dinner, for next on the programme was concert night.

The Gibbon Line
Craft Afternoon

We began the night with only a few acts, however, just before my Aimee was to sing her first ever solo in front of an audience, my camera decided it’s memory card was full, and so I grabbed my computer and began to download some 450 photos and 12 videos.  During our little ‘technical hitch’ moment, others decided that they would get involved, and suddenly, the number of acts increased enormously, which was fantastic.   The acts were wide and varied, including singing, musical numbers, juggling, story-telling, and some where the whole audience was called upon to join in.  I still can’t get the ‘Pizza Hut – Kentucky Fried Chicken – McDonalds’ number out of my head!

G'Day G'Day

Loch Lomond

Bumblebee Act

With the concert out of the way, we said a few ‘thankyous’ and reminders for the clean-up the next morning, and then some of us went to bed, while others decided that, being the last night of camp, it was time for an all-nighter, and proceeded to stay up all night.  This was agreed to, so long as they would all be prepared to help out with the cleaning and packing the next morning.

And so we left them to it – and that was Day Four.


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