Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Camp Willochra – Day Three

Day Three was Anzac Day.   

Following some morning activities including word searches, puzzles and the making of paper poppies, the girls headed into the kitchen to bake a cake with one of the mums.   

The games continued of course – including a not-so-serious card game among several of the teens.  As the weather was finally beginning to warm up, a few people also braved the swimming pool.

After lunch, it was off the Big Shed for a traditional Australian Bush Dance, hosted by our very own Jessica.  Many of our campers joined in the fun – and soon the music was blaring and the ‘Heel and Toe Polka’ went into full swing, followed by the ‘Flying Pieman’ and ‘Ned Kelly’s Land Stand’. All had a wonderful time, and afterwards, we headed off to the kitchen for dinner.  

Keeping with the Australian theme, it was BBQ night, and many ate their dinner outside, at the bonfire. One of the Dads had very kindly gathered up a heap of wood during the camp, and the bonfire blazed well into the night – and even into the next day.  Of course, marshmallows were toasted, and some camp fire songs were soon heard drifting across the camp ground.

And thus ended Day Three – well, as far as I was concerned.  The nights seemed to be getting later and later, but, that’s camping!  I wandered off into dreamland, as many of the other campers stayed wide awake, continuing to enjoy the fun.


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