Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This morning, our local hospital rang to say that my Mum was to be discharged on Wednesday, and wanted to know what her living arrangements would be.  They stated that she was fine to go home, so long as someone was with her for most of the day to help with medication, eye drops, cooking, washing, etc.

Right.....   The suggestion was made that one of my girls could move in with her for a while. 

Don't you love it when, just because you homeschool, people assume that, therefore, your days are full of free time?  I mean, they still do have school to do.  Of course, if it was going to be for a few days, or a week or so, that'd be fine - she's my Mum, and family takes care of family - but this could possibly a long-term arrangement, and I just couldn't figure out how we'd make that work.

So, into a mad panic we went.  What should we / could we do?  Mum could come and live with us for the time, but we knew she would not be happy to do so - too far away from Dad, church, etc.  And where exactly would we put her?  The only option we could see was to move out one or more of the children into the caravan, and let Mum have their room until a more permanent solution could be found.

As there were no beds available at the Old Folks' Home, we began telephoning other homes in the area.  We knew that wouldn't be a popular choice, either, but it could be an option.  After a few calls, we found a place, and was just in the process of faxing through forms, etc., when the phone rang again.

It was the local Old Folks' Home - the one where my Dad lives, and where Mum wanted to go.  Guess what?  That day, a resident had been offered a bed in a different home, in the town where they used to live.  Which means, a bed was free, and Mum could move in on Friday! 

Isn't God good?  Just when it seemed we needed to wait until a resident of the home passed away so my Mum could have a room (not a nice thought), a wonderful solution presented itself - offering not only a bed for my Mum, in the very place she wanted to go, but just when we needed it.  And, the person who was moving out was going where they wanted to go, as well! 

After yet another phone call, the hospital agreed to keep her there for the extra couple of days, so we'll pick her up on Friday, and move her over.  Needless to say, my Dad is thrilled!  He's been waiting for the day when he could once again have his wife by his side.  And yes, Mum is happy also - living on her own has simply become too much for her.  We pray she can now relax and take time to rest.

No doubt there'll be stacks of paperwork to do, and then of course, the sorting out of the house and everything that is in it, but, we'll get there.  At least the future is now not so uncertain, and we can all sleep easy tonight. 

From chaos to calm - I'd call that a successful day.   :)


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