Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Friday, April 20, 2012

And the Fun Continues

My children seem to be having the best school holidays ever!  We’re still entertaining Carpenter (or is it the other way around?), and I don’t think there’s been this much action or activity in the house for years!

Computer Time
We are having a more relaxed week from last week, with additional ‘home time’, however, there have still been plenty of opportunities to venture outdoors as well.  And, we have had a birthday party – my Lizzie turned 12 this week, and after some presents and a trip to the movies, we finished up the day with a small celebration at home.

Computers are, of course, always a hit, but the teens often break their screen time with board games, card games, etc., as well as adventuring and geocaching.   


The game of ‘Twister’ proved to be extremely entertaining, with some very er…  ‘interesting’ moves, especially from Daniel and Carpenter:


Twister Continues....

At this point, there was definitely some pain showing on their faces!
After that, we headed off for a visit to ‘Magnetic Hill’, a fascinating optical illusion where you stop, put your car in neutral, and feel it roll uphill.  It's only an illusion, but it's a good one.  We then travelled home via Appila Springs; where, I confess, Carpenter did make my heat skip a beat while running along the top of the cliff, but all was well, and he then decided to scale the cliff face….  (boys!)

Appila Springs

Look Mum, no Hands!

We managed to find three further geocaches in our travels, with Carpenter finding two of them, and the third honour went to Daniel.  I think it’s time for the girls to step up and take charge!  Our GPS also arrived this week, so me thinks geocaching is about to go into full swing.

We found it!

Time to fill in the log book

Finally, it was home for dinner and a movie night. 

The Burn-Off
What I’m really appreciating is that, although it is holidays and they are all having a ball, they are still willing to put games aside and help out where needed, including burning off the grass and working together to keep the place neat and tidy.  Actually, I think having Carpenter in the house is helping keep my place more orderly than usual!  It’s also a joy to have teenagers in the house who will take some time out to play with the younger ones.  In this way, everyone is included, and there’s been no tears from any child who is feeling left out.

It definitely makes you wish that life was always this much fun – I think it will be more difficult than ever to settle back into a normal routine next term.  We’ll certainly miss Carpenter when he leaves, and I think the countdown to our annual NSW trip is about to begin.


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