Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Umm.... Oops?

Archery has certainly been a hit at our house:

 But just imagine walking into your dining room to see this:

Yep, he's been at it again.....   Carpenter decided it had been a while since he'd created a gruesome mess, so, today we were ..  er...  'treated' to his wacky imagination - which included a broken arrow, sticky tape, a bandage and red 'goo'.


Pretty cool, huh?  

But of course, that was only the beginning - out came the makeup and various other items, and soon we had a beaten up Lizzie as well:

And as if that wasn't enough, yet another teen arrived on our doorstep this evening!  It seems no matter what, I keep ending up with eight children, including six teens.  Jessica has gone back to her home, and now, there's Peter.  Mind you, the ratio is therefore improving - we now have three boys and 'only' five girls in the house.  :)

I wonder what tomorrow with bring.....


Disclaimer:  All injuries, blood, and general yuckiness in the above photos are fake.  No need to call the ambulance or the authorities - although it's only been a few hours, they are both completely cured!


Linda said...

Nah - it was fine! I confess that I was in on 'the creation'.

We even telephoned Rebekah, who was also good at this type of thing (and did manage to freak me out several times), for ideas and advice.

No doubt there's more to come this week...... :)

Catherine said...

Ick! My brother used to enjoy pulling those sorts of stunts. :)
I think the one that made Mum panic the most is when he made a paper mache' axe and 'struck it' through the bedroom wall (attached to the wall with a nice crack to make it look real).

Well done on surviving 6 teens in the house at one time on a regular basis!