Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Egg Drop Day

Every so often, our family observes the illustrious tradition of ‘Egg Drop Day’.

Today was that day.

Everyone was given their assignment – their job was to design, create and build a construction that would protect their egg when it was cruelly dropped off the tallest shed in the back yard. 

The flurry of activity began – with cardboard, padding, plastic bags and even an orange being used to build the egg’s protective casing for it’s fall.



Eventually, the constructions were complete, and it was time for dear hubby Bill to climb the ladder to the roof of the shed.  One by one, the eggs plummeted to the ground – some landed quite gently, but for others, a terrible ‘thud’ sounded as they smashed into the ground.


There were some winners:


But sadly, some results were just plain tragic:


Then, it was back to the house for lunch – eggs, of course.

Egg Drop Day was once again complete.


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