Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Monday, April 2, 2012

TTC14 Touch Twin Marker Color Challenge

It may be a little early to begin thinking of Christmas, but I purchased a 2nd hand set of stamps from Stampin' Up - The City of David stamp set.  These really are gorgeous, and I couldn't help trying them out.

I did a Google search to see if there were any sample cards, ideas, etc posted online for using the set, and I came across a message board at 'Split Coast Stampers', where I found, to my utter amazement, a whole section dedicated to the City of David Stamp Set, with over 500 cards posted!  

So I have no shortage of ideas.  This is based on one of the cards I found on the post:

Along with the stamp set, I embossed the Bethlehem picture with gold, so it glitters.  The circle is actually cut out, leaving the picture of the city inside.  I coloured the pictures with my twin touch markers, using pale blue, lemon yellow, mellon yellow and pale green along with some browns and greys.

I am entering this card into the 'Twin Touch Marker Challenge - TTC14'.

Also in the collection of cards, someone had very cleverly used the stamp to create an Easter card.  Given that we are much closer to Easter than Christmas, I used her ideas to create this card as well:

Stamping / Card Making is certainly proving to be a fun, relaxing activity - however, I'm afraid it'll have to be put aside over the next week or two - it's time to once again tackle all the GST paperwork - not something I look forward to, but, it must be done!


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Chareen said...

what a neat idea. this is none of my favourite sets !