Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Monday, March 19, 2012

TTC13 - Twin Touch Markers Challenge

We've had a relaxing day today- having some computer time, cleaning up around the house, and so forth.

The latest theme of the 'Twin Touch Marker Challenge - TTC13' is 'Spring'.  I have made the following card. The design I drew myself (yeh, brilliant, I know!), and all the colours I used I've listed below:

Front of Card


Here's the list of colours I used:

9 - Pale Pink
23 - Orange
31 - Pastel Yellow
35 - Lemon Yellow
48 - Yellow Green
54 - Viridian
63 - Cerulean Blue
67 - Pastel Blue
74 - Brilliant Blue
85 - Vivid Purple
104 - Brown Grey
CG1 - Cool Grey
WG9 - Warm Grey

It's funny, actually - I can paint an entire landscape, but I'm finding 'simple' drawings quite difficult!  Well, like everything, I guess it's a simple matter of practice.  :)


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