Pillars of Pine

Pillars of Pine

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Year our Cameras Went Nuts....

I have just completed the mammoth task of dating, ordering, and filing over 1400 photos.  All of these photos were from 2011, and they are now all in photo albums, in order, and on the shelf.

And in case you were wondering, no, I didn't have every photo I took printed - this was just a selection!   I did, however, take advantage of a New Year, 'prints for 10c each' offer.

Did we take just a few too many photos last year?

I think so...

BTW,  if you happen to be looking for some great photo albums at a great price, the blue albums pictured above are availalble for only $60 for four, including postage to anywhere in Australia:


I happened to find this deal via Google search.  The albums are lovely - simple, slip-in albums that also have a place to write something about each photo (not that I have done that for every photo of mine!).  Each album holds 300 photos.

While I completed my task, I must confess to having the thought that this whole thing would be such a waste of time if our house ever burned down....

Still, it's nice to have all my photos, right from my childhood, organised, labelled, and in order on the shelf for easy reference - at least this is one thing I seem to have managed to keep up with over the years.

Another job off the 'to do' list - well, until this time next year!


1 comment:

Chareen said...

I too take loads of photo's.

You just reminded me of one of my new years resolutions to save my photo's to disk and store them off site for protection.

Well done